CaseRe3 uses an open access publication model. This means that there are no subscription fees--the full text of all case reports as well as their associated files are available to repository users at no cost. Usually, the open access publication model works by charging individual authors a sometimes hefty fee to cover the publication costs. 

In contrast, CaseRe3 charges institutions instead of individual authors. For a low annual fee of $299 US, an educational institution or organization can publish the case reports of all its students, faculty and alumni. That's less than the price of a daily cup of coffee. Individual authors retain copyright to their work and license its use by CaseRe3 under the Creative Commons 3.0 license.

If you are interested in having your institution publish with CaseRe3, please complete the form to your right. We will happily schedule an appointment to discuss the process and answer any questions you might have.  If you are are an individual unaffiliated author who would like to submit a case report for publication in CaseRe3, please use this form to contact us directly about how you can do that.  We'd like to hear from you.

And, if you would like to simply support CaseRe3 and evidence-informed practice by donating $1 or more, visit us and post a comment on Onarbor.

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